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Uh Oh Milo Awards

All 3 of the original Uh Oh Milo! books plus The EXCITED ELF completely FREE.

The Excited Elf has a very important job. He has to make sure children everywhere are fast asleep, so a very special visitor can drop down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

There’s only one problem – it’s FAR too EXCITING!

Can Granny get this special Christmas Mischief Maker to calm down and help Milo and Mary fall asleep before its too late?

The Excited Elf picture book is a fun story designed to encourage children to fall fast asleep on Christmas Eve.

Meet Milo, Mary and their Granny as they take on the Gobbling Goblins and learn that table manners matter!

The Beastly Bogels have come to play and are getting carried away! How will Milo, Mary and Granny make sure that everyone is happy on this fun, eventful playdate?

The Impolite Imps have snuck into Granny’s house! Milo, Mary and Granny will need to deal with their mischievous mayhem before it’s too late.

In each book in the Uh Oh Milo! series readers encounter a Mischief Maker who helps them learn about playing nicely, table manners, banishing tantrums and other good behaviours.

Uh Oh Milo! books are all 22cm x 22cm letterbox-sized softback picture books - perfect for posting. Ideal for under 7s.